Who We Are

Aquarium Care Experts

Over 15 Years in Business Delivering Top Rated Aquariums

We have built a large ecosystem of happy fish and corals throughout New Jersey. We love the ocean and understand preservation. We grow our coral and source from healthy sustainable areas.
Who We Are

Specialists In Custom Fish Tanks, Luxury Aquarium Design And Installation

We do what we do because we love it and we want you to love it too. With JK Fish you won’t just get a fish tank, you will get a one-of-a-kind unique piece of art. Showcase and enjoy the beauty of the ocean in your office, home, school, or business. The applications are endless and truly transform their space.
We are covered

Fully Licensed & Insured Professionals

We are fully licensed and insured. When your shark decides to take a bite out of us, we are covered so you don't have to worry.
Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums

Serving the tri-state area

JK-Fish is the premier source for custom high-end fresh and saltwater aquariums in the tri-state area. We are a team of experienced aquarium care experts developing the most unique aquariums on the east coast.

Our Team


Founded in 2007, we are a team of dedicated aquarium care experts who have a fascination for exotic fish and their ecosystems.

Maintenance & Installation Experts

Our team of trained professionals provide the care and maintenance necessary to keep your system healthy and looking its best.

Custom Aquarium Experts

At JK-Fish, our passion is designing, installing, and maintaining unique and luxurious aquariums.


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