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Aquariums are living biosystems and, therefore, are delicate to handle. Our team of trained professionals provide the care and maintenance necessary to keep your system healthy and looking its best.
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Your aquarium needs a regular maintenance routine

Some of the maintenance work are described below:

Water cleaning and replacement:

The water must be cleaned and replaced regularly to keep fish, coral and other inhabitants of aquarium healthy and in good shape. Cleaning and replacement of water removes harmful and waste products and provides a fresh ecosystem for the aquarium inhabitants.

Water temperature and pH value:

To keep the aquarium’s bio-organisms healthy, the water temperature and pH value must be kept at the proper levels.As salt water and seawater fish need different temperatures, the temperature management must be guided by experts.  Water must be tested regularly to ensure it provides a healthy living environment to plants and animals in your aquarium.

Food and nutrients:

Different types of plants in your aquarium need different nutrients, and those must be prescribed and guided by experts. The fish, shark and other animal inhabitants must be provided with proper food in the right quantity. The feed must be controlled to ensure fish don’t grow too big to disturb the eco-system of your aquarium. Plants may also need some sprucing up and some fish removed/replaced to ensure a proper ecosystem.

Other factors as important as the above mentioned

Proper lighting and air circulation are very important to keep the ecosystem in the aquarium healthy. Checking and replacement of bulbs, electrical fittings, and other accessories for the aquarium system needs to be a regular maintenance routine.

Leave the maintenance to our experts.

Our experts make sure your aquarium system is healthy and looking its best all the time. Showcase and enjoy the beauty of the ocean and leave task of maintaining it to JKFish. Call us at (973) 919 9199 or email at to talk to us.


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