Our Process

1. Project Consultation

We use this time to get a thorough understanding of what you desire as far as the design, ecosystem, and location of your customized aquarium or reef. We take the time to scope out the area and discuss what will work best. If you have an interior designer or architect, we are happy to work with them to get a better understanding of your specific style!


jkfishworld_Project Consultation


2. Detail Inspection

Once an area is decided on, we survey the space by performing a detailed inspection to be sure it is safe for plumbing, electric, and structural weight. We can then offer a livestock selection and compatibility assessment if you are having difficulty deciding on fish for your aquarium.




3. Custom Aquarium Build Start

We source the most durable and highest quality materials for your aquarium. During the design process, your aquarium can be molded to whatever shape and size needed to fit your space. Every aquarium is handcrafted in our Northern NJ facility.




4. Aquarium Installation (our favorite step)!

Your perfect aquarium delivered. You can finally sit back and relax while our professionals install your new custom aquarium.

Professional white-glove service to make sure we leave you with a long-lasting work of art!



5. Enjoy Your Custom Aquarium

Enjoy your aquarium to the fullest without worries! Allow us to take the proper measures of maintaining and cleaning it with our maintenance service. Additionally, we have a 10 day live-fish guarantee or your money back. Remember, if you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us! We are always here to assist!


jkfishworld_Project Consultation


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