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Japanese Koi, Living Jewels and truly peaceful Gifts from God

Nishiki means beautiful or elegant things. Nishikigoi are “living jewels.” The term has been used for over 200 years in Niigata, Japan. Koi are symbols of love and friendship in Japanese culture. They have become widely cherished, precious pets that truly are peaceful “Gifts from God”.

JKFish offers Japanese Koi from the most reputable farms

It is for these reasons that we at JKFish have affiliated with Kodama Koi farm in Hawaii and will only offer Japanese koi from the most reputable farms in Niigata, Japan-Dainichi, Isa Omosako, Shinoda, Hiroi, Marusaka, Suda, Maruhiro, Kanno, and Sakazume, to name a few. These farms have, for generations, selectively bred the most desirable traits such as color, size, and longevity.

Bringing the best Japanese Koi types to your aquarium

Their origins began with Japanese farmers trying to propagate a food supply and, with a genetic mutation, evolved into an ornamental fish that people kept in their own garden ponds. Nishikigoi has three carotenoid pigments: Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Astaxanthin. These pigments are absorbed from koi food and stored in skin cells, causing the koi to turn red. Melanin allows koi to have a black color. Initially, there were three basic koi. These are collectively called Gosanke, but individually they are known as Kohaku, Sanke, and Showa.

Click here for a storey of Japanese Koi through pictures.

Over 200 hundred varieties of Nishikigoi

Koi lovers are now located throughout the world. There are global competitions to assess its body conformation, how elegantly or gracefully it swims, its colorization, its patterning and scalation. Today there are over 200 hundred varieties of Nishikigoi.


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