Inside Look – Multi-Aquarium Man Cave

Hey, guys.

Here at the home of one of more enthusiastic clients. Here’s a large space with kind of an underwater theme. So obviously you want to have some tank.

As you come around this corner, you have the prototype pirate tanks. With the first one we ever did, there’s a school of seven pirates, prada, and about 25 giant Daniels. The giant Daniels keep the piranha in a pack and keep them active. You have the live plant and Led lighting.

Nice little underwater Amazon scene here. Around this corner, you have a giant 300 gallon fish omelet tank.

You got a three foot green moray, a two foot blaming tank, couple butterflies.

You got a nice Hawaiian black trigger, a majestic angel and personality plus and a dogfaced puffer onto the next tank.

The first seahorse tank we ever did.

Tanks go with coral, seahorses and pipefish. It’s got Led lighting.

It’s very unique.

Look, this is a 500 gallon reef.

This is 200 gallons right here.

And it’s plumbed to a 350 gallon

refugium in another part of the basement.

And here you just have an

unlimited amount of corals and fish.

I believe there’s nine species of tang in here, tons of different antheuses and damsels and clowns.

And like I said, about 45 to 50 different corals. It’s a pretty incredible tank.

With 500 gallons of water, you can have this many species of corals and fish. One of the coolest features of this tank is that it’s a seafood tank. You can see from both sides of it behind the bar, you can see what’s going on in the living room and vice versa.

Having a ton of fish and corals in a tank like this requires a lot more water and rock than the space provided. Also, having all these variety of fish, you need a ton of food. Cut of variety and a ton of food.

In here, we gain a 300 gallon refugee. You have a giant protein skimmer that eats all the waste as it gets put into the system and an extra large chiller to keep this water nice and cool.

Reefs like cool water, 78 degrees is perfect.


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