In a study, it has been suggested that people who spend time in aquariums could improve their psychological and physiological well-being by watching aquariums. Please read the full paper by Deborah Cracknell, Mathew P. White, and Michael H. Depledge at

improved psychological well-being

The report concludes with the following statement:

“Aquariums may therefore be important for delivering psychological well-being, enhancing perceptions of the value of natural ecosystems, and ultimately encouraging support for conservation efforts in the wild.”

Reductions in heart rate, greater increases in self-reported mood, and higher interest

They found that increased biota levels were associated with longer spontaneous viewings of the exhibit, greater reductions in heart rate, greater increases in self-reported mood, and higher interest. They suggested that higher biota levels, even in managed settings, may be associated with important well-being and health benefits, particularly for individuals not able to access the natural analogues of managed environments.

The Experiment

This research extended earlier aquarium studies by using a substantially larger public exhibit and by exploring the additive or synergistic effects of adding marine life over and above an aquatic environment per se.

They explored the relationship between indices of psychophysiological well-being (e.g., positive mood, heart rate) and exposure to a large aquarium between 5 and 10 minutes.

The aquarium has a calming and physiologically restorative effect.

By monitoring the exposure for 5 and 10 minutes (due to experimental constraints), they were able to see whether longer exposures conferred more benefits. They noted significant changes in physiological measures when using a 10-minute video intervention. In general, people felt more positive and relaxed as they watched the aquarium. With more biodiversity and longer exposure, there were significant drops in blood pressure and heart rate, indicating a calming and physiologically restorative effect of the aquarium watching.

Bring an aquarium and enjoy its physical and mental well-being benefits.

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