According to, every year, up to 700 million people visit aquariums, museums and zoos worldwide – almost one-tenth of the global population. Not only do these establishments play a significant role in marine research and conservation, they also contribute to educating the public on key environmental issues.

At the 11th International Aquarium Congress (IAC), Philippe Vallette, Chairman of the IAN and former General Manager of Nausicaá said, “Aquariums are places of exchange – the bridge between science and society. Through the Ocean Decade, I have high hopes that this Working Group can build on and contribute to improving the science – policy – society interface, I look forward to collaborating with partners from around the world towards achieving the vision of ‘the science we need for the ocean we want’.”

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Serious aquarists may become more science and conservation oriented

In an article in, researcher Elizabeth Marchio of Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences, Texas A&M University, writes – “serious aquarists may become more science and conservation oriented as they participate in the hobby….”

It further states – “it is important to understand the human dimensions of aquarium keepers across the United States, and globally, to continue understanding the human effect of home aquarium keeping. With 10% of the U.S. population already invested in keeping an aquarium, developing and facilitating scientific and conservation communication may aid in increasing a science and conservation ethic.”

Aquariums could improve your physical and mental well-being

Inspiring aquarium lovers to act

Rob Stewart writes in,

“A study conducted on the conservation attitudes of aquarium visitors revealed that visiting aquariums had a measurable impact on the conservation attitudes and understanding of adult visitors.

…the largest benefit that aquariums have made towards ocean conservation is by inspiring people to act. Aquariums offer people the extraordinary opportunity to engage with marine life in an up-close setting. This is critical to generating the public support necessary for conservation efforts. In order for people to support ocean conservation, they must deeply appreciate them. But before they can appreciate them, people must first understand them. Aquariums offer people the opportunity to understand our oceans and fall in love with them.

People protect what they love, but they can’t love what they don’t understand.”


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