Do fish really dance to music?

Given that they don’t have ears, you may be surprised to know that they do. Fish have several different sound perception organs like cilia, bladders, otoliths, accelerometers or some combination of those organs.

Loud music is bad for fish

Loud music damaged fish’s hearing ability as a Science Daily article writes:

 “In the first ever study of the effects of loud man-made, or anthropogenic, sound on fish in the wild, University of Maryland professor Arthur N. Popper and his colleagues found that the injury to fish ears, and thus hearing, was even greater than they had anticipated.

In his years of studying fish hearing, Popper has seen that fish sensory hair cells — the cells that enable hearing in all vertebrates — repair themselves if damaged, something human sensory hair cells cannot do. But in this experiment in an Australian harbor, Popper and his colleagues found evidence that the fishes’ hearing not only was badly damaged, but that the sensory hair cells didn’t grow back, even over a two-month period.”

Play soothing classical music and keep volume low

Jenny Louis writes in

“What kind of music does goldfish prefer to hear? Contrary to popular belief, fish will not flee from loud noises or music. According to this theory, fish will listen to music as long as the volume is not too loud. If you want to show your appreciation for your goldfish, make them some soothing classical music and let them listen to it.”


Fish sounds help in coral recovery

Damian Carrington writes in the Guardian:

“From whoops to purrs, snaps to grunts, and foghorns to laughs, a cacophony of bizarre fish songs have shown that a coral reef in Indonesia has returned rapidly to health.


​​We were surprised to see such a holistic recovery of the reef in such a small amount of time”

Bring an aquarium and enjoy music with your fish.

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