Luxury home aquariums with high-end designs have become new status symbols. They are no longer restricted to fish and other animal lovers. They have also become part of home décor.


Houses are getting better and costlier in design. As the rich are looking for new ways to make their houses look better, different and high-end, more home designers are now willing to consider aquariums as one of their options.


The size of aquarium tanks is getting bigger and it is not uncommon to see thousand litre aquarium tanks in homes. Open fish tanks and aquariums are also increasing in popularity. The cost of such aquariums may run into hundreds of thousands of dollars but cost is the last consideration for people who are looking for such luxurious high-end aquariums.

Luxury home aquarium owners are also looking for more exotic and costly aqua-inhabitants for their aquariums. Sharks, rare and beautiful corals, and fish like Koi have become more popular in recent times.


Enjoy your luxury aquarium without worrying about its maintenance.


Big aquariums are very complex living biosystems and, therefore, require experts to install and maintain them. Luxury home aquarium providers have teams of trained professionals to provide the care and maintenance necessary to keep such systems healthy and looking their best. The owners of such luxury aquariums need not worry about it.




Why JKFish?

We provide the best designed luxury aquariums in the tri-state area. As one of our clients, Michelle Marion of Cedar Knolls, NJ, said,

“They have turned our tank into a central conversation piece.”


Jkfish Custom Aquarium ExpertsWe create a piece of art in a water tank for you and your acquaintances to talk about. We have registered and fully insured expert technical professionals who make sure your aquarium is installed and maintained to perfection so that you enjoy its beauty to the fullest.

Showcase and enjoy the beauty of the ocean in your luxurious home aquarium. Call JKFish at (973) 919 9199 or email to talk to us.

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