So, you decided to get an aquarium. So, which one do you want—a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater aquarium? Everything is dependent on the type of fish, corals, and other bio-items you want in your aquarium.

Make your wish list of aqua-species

Both saltwater and freshwater aquariums offer a vast combination of options for aqua-species to make your dream aquarium. You can opt for fish, corals, snails, carbs, turtles, and sharks. A freshwater aquarium can house aqua-species that are found in lakes and rivers. They include fish, plants, snails, shrimp, and tortoises.

Whereas, in a saltwater aquarium, you can have the species found in an ocean, including fish, corals, sharks, etc.

Do they cost differently?

As a thumb rule, a saltwater aquarium costs more because of its larger size, because it requires much more equipment, and because the cost of marine livestock is generally higher. But saltwater fish, coral, and other livestock have more varied and brighter colors. The variety of livestock is also greater in the case of a saltwater aquarium.

On the other hand, freshwater aquariums have a wider range of options in size, from very small to big ones, are easy to maintain, and are beginner friendly.


Saltwater aquariums need stable water parameters (like salinity and pH) to help their livestock survive. That requires a maintenance process that makes sure the parameters don’t fluctuate enough to harm the livestock, and it means a slightly higher maintenance cost for a saltwater aquarium than for a freshwater aquarium, which can tolerate higher fluctuations.

You should not be surprised that JK Fish considers aquarium maintenance to be a non-issue for you, as we ensure that your aquarium is kept in the best possible condition regardless of the type of aquarium you choose.

When space is a big consideration

Make sure to discuss the space available and where you want the aquarium to be installed. That will determine whether you should go for a saltwater or freshwater aquarium. Though a saltwater aquarium requires more space, it can be installed in a small space as well. Discuss with JK Fish to explore the possibility before you decide.

Hire JK Fish for your dream aquarium.

We will listen to your ideas and design the best custom-designed aquarium for you. We are fully licenced and insured, which guarantees that you face no unwanted or unexpected liability when we make, install, or maintain your dream aquarium.

JK-Fish is the premier source for custom, high-end freshwater and saltwater aquariums in the tri-state area. We bring the awe-inspiring beauty of the ocean directly to your home or office.

Call us at (973) 919-9199 today to discuss your dream aquarium with us.

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