Are the fish in your aquarium happy? Matt Parker tries to answer this question in He says that after decades of studying sentience in fish, the consensus among scientists is that fish can feel pain. As an aquarium owner, you would like to ensure that the fish in your aquarium are healthy and happy.

Matt Parker lists five things to consider if you want to keep your new friend (the fish in your aquarium) happy: food, water, discomfort, normal behavior, and fear or distress. We do it for you and keep you fish happy.


Your aquarium should have the right mix of fish and aquatic species for a proper and healthy diet. A poor mix of fish in the aquarium will lead to strong competition for food and may result in the younger or weaker fish going without proper food. We ensure that the fish are kept to ensure that this issue does not occur.

We ensure that the right food is fed to each species of fish in your aquarium that is appropriate for that species. The food mix supplied to the aquarium takes into account the specific needs of each species. We regularly monitor the health of fish to ensure they are getting a proper diet according to their special needs.


Matt Parker writes that fish produce a lot of waste, and levels of ammonia, nitrates and nitrites can accumulate quickly in the tank water. Besides, fish need correct pH level to survive, both for fresh and saltwater aquariums. Our custom designed aquariums make sure that water is kept fresh and with appropriate pH range.


As Matt puts it, “Injuries in home aquariums are common as fish form hierarchies and fight.” Bacterial infections or parasites can also occur but may be hard to spot.

Our routine maintenance ensures that an injured fish or disease is identified early so that it can be treated properly and the disease can be stopped from spreading. 

Fear or distress

Fish in your aquarium might be bullied, live in fear, or feel overcrowded. As Matt put it, “Some fish may be regularly bullied by larger tankmates, which becomes torment when there are no hiding places.” Even activities outside the tank, such as a faulty design or noisy equipment, could cause problems.

Our custom-designed aquariums are designed to mitigate the abovementioned issues.

Normal Behavior

Our experience enables us to note any abnormal behavior in a fish and take corrective steps to maintain a healthy ecosystem in your aquarium.

Fish need rest too

As Fish need sleep too, our lighting arrangement make sure they get enough darkness to have enough rest.

Best Custom Designed Luxury Aquarium in New Jersey

JK Fish provides New Jersey with the best custom-designed luxury aquarium. We ensure that the fish in your aquarium are healthy and provide full maintenance of your aquarium to allow worry-free ownership and enjoyment of your aquarium.

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