Before you get your custom-designed aquarium, you should ponder over a few things.

Choose the aquarium company wisely

Look at their experience and portfolio, ask for a few references, and see if you like their designs. Make sure that they appreciate your ideas.

Make your budget and preferences known and ask for some sample designs or ideas

Make your budget known to the aquarium company and ask what the best possible aquarium is, keeping your choices and preferences in mind. A beautiful aquarium need not always be very costly.

Space is a big consideration

Make sure to discuss the space available and where you want the aquarium to be installed. The aquarium company will suggest several of the best possible options. If you have a large space at home or in the office, you can go for larger tanks and larger fish. If you are only looking to install it in a place where space is at a premium, a small tank will be a good choice.

Be sure about the maintenance requirements

Make sure you understand what you need to do to keep the aquarium in top condition. You should also have a clear understanding of the aquarium company’s role in aquarium maintenance.

Tell the company about the type of aquarium, fish and corals you

It is your aquarium and you should get what you want. Tell the company what you want and ask for their suggestions. There are many options for aquarium designs: saltwater or freshwater aquariums, a range of corals and reefs, the lighting and plants and above all, the types of fish. Discuss it with them and make sure you get what you want. 

Be sure about the schedule of delivery

Make sure to have a clear idea of the schedule of delivery and the duration of on-site work. This way, you will be able to plan better so that your other activities go smoothly.

Is the aquarium company licensed and insured?

All aquarium contractors like other contractors are required to obtain a licence under Contractors’ Registration Act. It is mandatory for a contractor in New Jersey to have a commercial general liability insurance that is beyond a specified point and all aquarium projects fall under this category. Even home improvement and decoration contractors are required to fulfil this requirement. Make sure that the aquarium company fulfils the above-mentioned conditions of licensing and insurance.

During installation, your property may get damaged result in a big financial loss to you. An accident to workers when they are working on your premise or at your home, could result in heavy financial payment or compensation to the workers.  If the contractor is not insured, you will be liable to pay for damages or compensation to workers. If the contractor is fully insured, he will be responsible for the losses.

Hire JK Fish for yours dream aquarium

We will listen to your ideas and design the best custom designed aquarium for you. We are fully licenced and insured which guarantees that you face no unwanted or unexpected liability when we make, install or maintain your dream aquarium.

JK-Fish is the premier source for custom high-end fresh and saltwater aquariums in the tri-state area. We bring the awe-inspiring beauty of the ocean directly to your home or office.

Call us at 1 (973) 919 9199 today to discuss your dream aquarium with us.

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