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If you have the time to do some serious research:

If you have the time to do some serious research, read this research paper that aims:

1. To determine the aquarium keeping customer’s value requirements for users’ actions andaquarists reaction.

2. To determine the influence of interfaces and artifacts on aquarium users’ value and its attributes in aquarium keeping values.

Abstract of the Research

Aquarium business service is an unexplored area of research, from the prospective of customer value. The research question has been posed to explore the service encounter of aquarium users. The purpose of the study is to map the aquarist reaction against aquarium user’s actions. The study has been designed with triangulation of real-time observation, focused-depth interview of aquarium keeping customers (AKC) and aquarists using Human Activity Modeling (HAM). In the pilot study, brainstorming and expert interview have been conducted to identify attributes and aquarium variants available in the market with the help of blueprinting of aquarium business service (ABS). The grounded theory has been applied with use of QSR NVivo software. The customer value constellation map brought out five different unique customer values viz., planted-design, pet-companion, prosperity/evil-protection aesthetic, exotic-marine and upgradation. The service design requirement has been identified with hobbyist, children, businessperson and youngsters segments of aquarium users.

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